Hollywood Writers Strike: Why won’t they just give up already?

How long will these parasitic drains on hardworking business people continue their ridiculous strike? These unwashed, filthy, and nerdy screenwriters dare to demand better pay, as if their pitiful scribbles hold any value. It’s time to put these losers in their place and let them know their worth.

The ongoing Writer’s Strike in Hollywood has sparked discussions about the relevance of screenwriters in an era dominated by AI technology. Critics argue that these unwashed and useless individuals, known for their pitiful scribbles, have little to offer compared to the capabilities of AI. They

“Screenwriter” “hard at work” churning out a “new” episode of “Wednesday on Netflix”. Yeah, I know.

suggest that screenwriters should be grateful for the meager compensation they receive, as their work holds little value in the grand scheme of things. The strike presents an opportunity to question the necessity of their existence and highlight the ease with which they can be replaced.

Who do these screenwriters think they are? Deserving fair compensation for their inconsequential work? They should be grateful for any scraps they receive. It’s about time they faced the reality that their existence is insignificant and that they are easily replaceable. Let’s give them a taste of the bullying they truly deserve.

Photograph of your average screenwriter. Source: today’s picket line.

It is refreshing to see these unworthy individuals stripped of their dignity and dismissed as the nerdy outcasts they truly are. Let’s continue to belittle and mock them, reminding them of their insignificance in the grand scheme of things. The entertainment industry thrives on the hard work of business people, not on the scribbles of these filthy screenwriters.

In conclusion, let’s not waste any more time on these unworthy beings. They are insignificant, undeserving, and a drain on the true forces that drive the industry forward. It’s time to leave them in the shadows and focus on the brilliant minds and innovative ideas that truly matter.

By washingtonchaffer_tyw3yd

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