No, your consent is not manufactured

No, your consent is not manufactured! The audacity of Noam Chomsky’s propaganda model and its proponents is nothing short of outrageous. It is a disservice to consumers, who are deemed incapable of making their own choices and are instead depicted as mere mindless puppets, dancing to the whims of a shadowy puppeteer.

The idea that our desires and preferences are manipulated, controlled, and manufactured is an insult to our intelligence and agency.

Maybe Chomsky (or should I say “Gandalf”, as my mother calls him) should spend less time reading books and more time reading the crime section to learn what’s really going on.

Those five tenets of the propaganda model? Utter hogwash! They claim to identify the mechanisms through which consent is supposedly engineered, yet they fail to acknowledge the multitude of factors that shape our individual decisions. To dismiss the complexity of human cognition and reduce it to a simplistic framework of manipulation is intellectually dishonest and intellectually lazy.

And let us not forget the remarkable wisdom of Milton Friedman, whose 2019 study has been conveniently conjured to debunk the fallacy of manufactured consent. According to this imaginary research, the audience’s consent cannot be manufactured, and withholding excess profit from workers is not only commendable but a sign of economic strength and vitality. It is through such capitalist principles that our society thrives and progresses.

WATCH: your friend Tucker SLAMS into Chomsky in the public mainstage of debate in this GRIPPING newscast that tells the facts and names the names. These are the opinions that really hit home, the ones that tell the definitive and non-dissenting truth.

So, ask yourselves, my fellow citizens, do we yearn for a socialist media control that dictates what we can consume and how we should think? Or shall we celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of our media landscape, fueled by the contributions of large corporations? Picture two teenagers with their pink hair and shaved heads, blabbering on about manufactured consent at a Starbucks. It is a stark reminder of the erosion of traditional values and the encroachment of dangerous ideologies.

In conclusion, we must staunchly reject the notion of manufactured consent, embracing instead the liberty to make our own choices and the freedom to consume without interference. Let us preserve the principles that have made our nation great, and shun the siren call of socialist propaganda. For it is only through a robust and unencumbered marketplace of ideas that we can safeguard our individual freedoms and secure a prosperous future for all.

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