Study Shows What Average Union Worker Could Look Like in 100 years

LOS ANGELES – Research shows that the average union worker will look like a disgusting rat monster by 2100 years, according to a new study by the Washing Chaffer. The study reveals that the rat-like appearance stems from beaty, crusted eyes due to excessive computer screen exposure, a rotund form resulting from sedentary work, and pointed teeth constant scheming from lack of socialization in office spaces.

Washington Chaffer image labs has discovered that you too could look like this if you join a union. Yikes!

The report highlights concerns about the detrimental effects of union membership on workers’ appearances, sparking a debate on the productivity of unionized labor. It raises questions about whether unions hinder personal development and lead to physical transformations that deviate from societal norms

SAG-AFTRA to be renamed “DRAG RAT-RA” by 2070.

Critics argue that unions contribute to a culture of complacency and laziness, ultimately leading to these grotesque physical changes. They stress the importance of fostering a competitive work environment that rewards individual efforts and innovation, driving economic growth.

And still living with his parents… Yikes!

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