The ABC’s of success: Always Be Consuming

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s critical to stay on top of your game at all times, and that means consuming as much as possible. The human brain is wired to constantly seek stimulation, and without something to consume, it can become bored and stagnant. Whether it’s entertainment, food, or knowledge, there’s always something out there that you can be taking in.

But if you’re not doing that, then you’re falling behind. It’s just that simple.

Think about it. You’re at work, and you’re not consuming anything. Your colleagues are all listening to podcasts, reading articles, and watching videos, and you’re just sitting there, twiddling your thumbs. Who do you think is going to get ahead? Certainly not you. And it’s not just about career advancement, either. If you’re not consuming as much as you can, you’re missing out on life. You’re not experiencing everything the world has to offer, and that’s just sad.

Nothing to consume? Never. Never consume the same show twice, unless it’s Mad Men, which is objectively the best show of all time.

When I’m at work I always got four monitors in front of me. Two for business, two for consumption. They’re one in the same really. I got one monitor with a TV show going, and another one with a non-stop stream of the latest news headlines. In my hand there’s always something: a Starbucks cup, a Booster Juice, Protein Bar, anything just to keep the stomach juices flowing. And in my ear I got two sets of AirPods hooked up to two different phones, one blasting a podcast in one ear, the other blasting the latest album or audiobook in the other.

This helps me in business. By consuming always, I know what’s going on in the world, and know how to stay ahead of the conversation. Not only is my knowledge in matters of business and women supreme (meaning I can dominate any or all conversations pertaining to these fields), but there is not a single small talk I cannot engage with. It’s that simple. Just last week even, I wrote a blog about how I closed a thirty-million dollar deal after landing a crack about the hit show Wednesday on Netflix (Jenna Ortega, anyone?), so yeah.

In terms of entertainment, there is a vast array of options available that can cater to anyone’s interests. From movies to video games to social media, there is no shortage of ways to consume entertainment. Even if someone is not actively seeking it out, it’s nearly impossible to avoid some form of entertainment in today’s world. By consuming entertainment, people can unwind, relax, and escape from the stresses of daily life.

Jenna Ortega of the hit show Wednesday on Netflix.

So yes, if you’re not consuming enough, you’re a loser. It’s harsh, but it’s true. You’re falling behind in your career, and you’re missing out on all the wonderful things the world has to offer. Don’t let that happen to you. Start consuming more today, and you’ll see the benefits in every aspect of your life.

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